Stronger Together

At Black Millionaires Trade (BMT), we are pioneering a unique online financial empowerment program, firmly rooted in the belief that unity is our strength. Together, we can achieve more.

Our mission, inspired by the biblical notion of providing ‘seed to the sower,’ is to empower black entrepreneurs and professionals to reap a bountiful financial harvest. BMT serves as a dynamic platform where our community comes together to create wealth through collective support.

We offer comprehensive education and services, empowering those who seek to multiply their wealth in a secure environment, putting financial control firmly back into their hands. With BMT, your financial journey becomes a collective endeavor where we all rise together, sowing the seeds of prosperity for a brighter future.

The Power of Online Trading + Training


Expert Trainers

We provide financial education, workshops, coaching, mentorship programs for people who are interested in growing their finances.


Unlimited Access

Members have access to professional development resources, personal finance education, social media training and connections with other like-minded individuals committed to building wealth together.


Community Support

Our company's vision is to empower black communities with education on finances so they can be in the position of power when it comes to their money.

Empowering the Community

Steps to Building Wealth

Clients will receive the support they need to take control of their finances and build wealth for themselves.

Group Economics

We believe that there's power in numbers and they want to help black entrepreneurs get the tools they need to grow their businesses.

Clear Return on Investments

We provide education and services to clients who want to multiply their money in a safe environment, where integrity and profitability are clear.

We are Black Millionaires Trade

Black Millionaires Trade stands as a diverse and inclusive community, drawing individuals from various backgrounds who collectively possess 15 years of trading experience. Our core mission is twofold: to cultivate wealth and opportunity through trading while imparting this valuable knowledge to others.

At Black Millionaires Trade, we are champions of not just financial education but also entrepreneurship. We’ve devised a distinctive approach that allows individuals in underprivileged communities to embark on a journey of investment and business development, regardless of their prior experience. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure the success of every participant in this venture, and we pledge continuous support and guidance throughout their transformative journey.


Our methods have been tested

Working with Daniel has, by far, been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I met this mastermind by chance in a previous company and we have been friends ever since. He is the sole reason I continue to trade and continue to learn this skill. He pushes me beyond what I even believe I am capable of. He’s an amazing supporter and mentor. Daniel invited me onto a call with Ted which changed the trajectory of our lives financially working with him. To say I am blessed to know and work with Daniel is an understatement. But it’s even better I get to call him friend.
Crystal Mitchell
I had never experienced the possibilities of trading before Daniel opened my eyes. He helped me how to connect the dots using simple analogies and techniques. I've seen with my own eyes how his patience with me has helped me to increase my investments abundantly. I now have the knowledge and means to pay off certain bills and obligations as a result of his teachings.
Wrashea Hubbard
I've been Trading with Daniel for the past 3 years and I must say, we've had a blast. I've personally witnessed Daniel grow into an amazing Trader/Investor to the point were he's been able to partner with multiple 6 & 7 figure traders on multiple projects. Ted's trading system has allowed Daniel to put more energy into other projects as Ted's trading system is working in the background for Daniel
Dante Kendall